Why Every Guitarist Needs a Compressor Pedal in their Setup

Compressor guitar pedals

As a guitarist, you might be wondering, “Do I need a compressor pedal?” or “What is a compressor pedal?” In this blog post, we’ll explore why the best compressor pedal is an essential addition to your pedalboard and how it can make your guitar playing sound better than ever before. We will also provide guidance on where to put the compressor in the pedal chain.


What Does a Compressor Pedal Do?

A guitar compressor pedal is a device that evens out your guitar’s volume by automatically adjusting the gain, making quieter notes louder and louder notes quieter. It helps you achieve a more balanced and professional sound, especially when playing with a band or recording. In short, a compressor guitar pedal can make your playing more polished and controlled.


The Benefits of Using a Compressor

While some guitarists may argue that a compressor pedal is not essential, there are compelling reasons why you should consider adding one to your setup:

  1. Improved sustain: A compressor pedal can help you achieve longer and more consistent sustain without increasing your volume or distortion.
  2. Enhanced picking: When playing fingerstyle or using a pick, a compressor can make your picking more even and help you avoid unintentional volume spikes.
  3. Better sound quality: Compressors can add warmth and thickness to your tone, making your guitar sound fuller and more polished.
  4. Taming dynamics: Compressor pedals can help to even out your dynamics, making it easier to control your volume and intensity during performances. This is particularly useful for guitarists who switch between fingerpicking and strumming or who play both rhythm and lead parts.**


Where to Put Compressor in Pedal Chain

To get the most out of your compressor pedal, it’s important to know where to place it in your signal chain. Most guitarists prefer to put the compressor at the beginning of their pedal chain, right after the tuner. This placement allows the compressor to process your guitar’s raw signal before it goes through any other effects, such as overdrive or modulation. This helps to maintain a consistent volume level and maximizes the benefits of the compression.

However, some guitarists prefer to place their compressor after their overdrive or distortion pedals. This can help to even out the dynamics of an already overdriven signal, resulting in a more controlled sound. Ultimately, the optimal placement of your compressor pedal will depend on your personal preferences and the specific effects you use in your signal chain.


Do You Need a Compressor Pedal?

While not every guitarist may find a compressor pedal to be an essential part of their rig, there are undeniable benefits to using one. From improved sustain and picking dynamics to a more polished and professional sound, adding the best compressor pedal to your setup can help you elevate your guitar playing to new heights.

As you experiment with different compressor pedals and signal chain placements, you'll discover what works best for your playing style and tone preferences. So, if you haven't already, consider giving a guitar compressor pedal a try and experience the difference it can make in your sound.

If you're looking for a top-notch compressor pedal to add to your collection, check out our Galactavise™ Compressor. This flagship compressor is built with the musician's needs in mind and boasts an uncompromisingly sweet compressor circuit with a "mix" control for dialing in that perfect balance of compressed tone and clean tone. The top end can often be make or break with many compressor circuits, so AllPedal also added the ability to adjust just the right amount with the "presence" control. The Galactavise™ uses the highest quality components for a low noise floor and road-worthy durability. Let the Galactavise™ blast your tone into orbit!

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