Explore our variety of top-quality guitar pedals, tailored to cater to your unique music style. Our comprehensive range of guitar effects pedals helps modify your instrument’s tone, adding an extra dimension to your music.

Signature Gear


The Devil's Triad

If you're a fan of heavy metal and shredding guitar solos, chances are you've heard of Jeff Loomis. The former lead guitarist of Nevermore and current member of Arch Enemy, Loomis is known for his technical proficiency and innovative playing style. And now, in collaboration with Loomis, AllPedal is proud to introduce the Devil's Triad™: a signature guitar pedal designed to help you achieve Loomis's signature sound.

Sell Your Soul

Steel Panther


Steel Panther is known for their signature sound, and the 1987 Pedal is a key part of that sound. The delay and distortion effects add depth and richness to their guitar tones and help them stand out in a crowded field of rock bands.

If you're a guitarist who wants to take your sound to the next level, the 1987 Pedal is a must-have. Whether you're playing in a band or just jamming at home, the pedal can help you achieve a more dynamic and exciting sound.

Premier Guitar Reviews the All-Pedal Microdose

Premier Guitar Reviews the All-Pedal Microdose

New Patty Parlor Slamurai™  In Root Beer Inspired Collaboration

New Patty Parlor Slamurai™ In Root Beer Inspired Collaboration

After limited edition Parlor launches, the “SLAMURAI™ OVERDRIVE, PARLOR EDITION” has been added to the permanent line of pedals 

Unlock Your Guitar's Potential with the Slamurai™ Overdrive

Every guitarist dreams of finding the best overdrive pedal to take their sound to the next level. The quest for the perfect guitar overdrive pedal can be daunting, but today, we'll be introducing you to a pedal that's been turning heads and capturing hearts in the guitar world.
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