Devils Triad™ - Jeff Loomis Signature Pedal

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Technical Details

Size: 4.7" x 5.75" (121mm x 145mm)

Power: 9V Power Jack (No battery connector inside)

Power Draw: 160mA

True Bypass

Customer Reviews

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Jeff loomis devils triad

Everything about this pedal is unbelievable
Stunning sound as a boost in front off a amp
With the delay-reverb in the loop of the amp
Or as a stand alone pre amp


This pedal is something serious! I have it ran into my EVH 5150III stealth, and it oozes tight, mean, raw OD through the gain and boost. And the reverb/delay is sweet, too. It's like having 4 pedals and an amp in one. It's absolutely worth it!

Zoltan B.

Great pedal!

A pleasant surprise!

In spite of the "very metal" aesthetics and the name, the Drive section is no where near as harsh as I expected, which makes sense given how hot the SD Blakcouts are that Jeff Loomis uses. The Drive section adds a nice amount of gain without thinning out the signal, and provides a different flavour to other popular pedals. It's refreshing that All-Pedal are trying to give options to players rather than cloning the same old pedals already on the market.

The Boost section helps to make this pedal a more versatile choice of "all in one" alongside the variety of cable set ups. The Delay works exactly as I'd hoped but the Reverb added far too much noise on initial use, it worked as though the "Feed" knob was stuck on full at first but with more use this remedied itself and has yet to return. I've noticed I'm also not the only customer to experience scratchy pots at first.

Having three knobs per effect provides plenty of choice without requiring days of study to operate quickly. My only thought would be adding an option on the effects to have multiple stages beyond on/off where you could swap between Delay only, Reverb Only, or Both On/Both Off (with different LEDs to indicate which). Perhaps that's being greedy for an already fully loaded pedal, and outside of a live setting this can be achieved by just turning down the "Level" knobs.

The packaging is very on brand for the pedal (it's not just a cheap plain box) which I'm happy displaying on a shelf. Between the four effects in total and the multiple options for cable set ups I feel that this makes a good workhorse pedal for anyone who wants to cover all rock and metal bases without using four separate pedals.

Shane H.
Snail mail!!

It took over three weeks to get delivered!! Which is pathetic . I order from Europe its here in three days . I order from u.s and it takes over three weeks explain that

We shipped your order 46 minutes after it was placed, same day. It looks like Canada post made a deliver error, and misrouted. Total time for delivery shows 11 days, not 3 weeks. We are sorry the Canadian Post made an error.