Microdose™ Phaser

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Introducing the All-Pedal® Microdose™, in collaboration with Spaceman Effects

The Microdose™ is an optical, stage selectable analog phaser, handcrafted with our hyper-detailed approach to usability, and tone. The Microdose™ is the first phaser launched by AllPedal®. Sometimes liquidy smooth, sometimes chewy and lush, the fluid frequencies squiggle and flourish like the unrelenting ebb and flow of the sonic tide.

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Ken H.
Great pedal

This pedal is unique in many ways. It has all the phase options you could ever want. Truly a versatile pedal that can cover more than Phase options. I've only begun to scratch the surface of what it can do. Highly recommended pedal that will please and phase fans with other options too. A+++++. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to purchasing more pedals from this company.

Shawn B.
Trippy little gadget

Without a doubt the coolest phaser I’ve ever owned. Solid build, wonderful versatility and some of the most unique sounds to build off of. I’m really looking forward to exploring it further and definitely worth the investment in the long run to me for being able to experiment with others.

Sean B.
Cosmic Frontier

This pedal is more functional than it is beautiful to look at. The adjustability and program ability makes me smile every time I try a new setting because it reminds me of an epic classic song. A minute or two of dialling it in and Presto!! I’ve just re-created one of many phaser pedals.

Mark R.
Never thought I'd buy a phaser

Loving the Microdose™ Phaser, I used it on the sound track for my new video. Slippery Root plants and some slow motion bees
The rhythm guitar took a while to record as I recorded the part, one chord at a time, so I could increase the RESonance, so that the effect gets stronger as the section progresses.

The warp controls means you almost get three sets of waveforms

What would I change? Loose the 2-stage and replace it with a 12 0rr 16 stage for really crazy sounds. Be able to use the Expression Pedal to control Depth, warp or RESonance settings.

David B.
Microdose Phaser

This is a fantastic pedal from All Pedal-

After switching it on I noticed instantly that the quality is superior to a lot of other phaser pedals in its price range-
It’s in the build quality and feel as you turn the dials of which are of very high quality-
The sound of the phaser if you spend a little time dialing it in, is rich and rewarding, enveloping the user in an undulating ocean of swirling tone, deep and 3 dimensional-
One of the best pedals I’ve purchased this year-

I also have the Devils Triad again a brilliant addition to the range-
One of the best overdrive/distortion pedals I have ever tried with the nice addition of delay and reverb and boost-

All pedal seem to be knocking it out of the park-