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Jason W.
Extremely Versatile Overdrive

I've been unsatisfied with my solid state amps distortion for months so I began my quest for an overdrive pedal that covers all aspects of music - because that's what I play. The Slamurai does this in spades - grunge, metal, blues, searing solos, sludge, dirty jazz, classic rock - whatever.
The pedal is like a mini-amplifier all unto its own, which makes it easy to use, and intuitive when searching for that specific tone you're looking for.
Kudos to Allpedal also for their amazing communication on shipping - after completing my order I always knew what was happening, where it was, and when to expect it - all while receiving the pedal in a quick manor. Logistics seems to be extremely difficult for modern companies and it's a breath of fresh air to find a company that can do it extremely well and understand there is no such thing as overcommunicating.

Tony M.
Talk about versatility!

The Slamurai is difficult to compare to others as I don't hear some of the distinct characteristics heard in say a tube screamer or Klon circuit. What I do hear is more of everything! There's more EQ control. There's more output. There's more gain. Yet, it's most significant attribute is the clarity. Hands down the most definition I've heard in an overdrive (and I have them all, Bluesbreaker and variants, Klon, TSs and variants, OCD, Rat, Treble Boosts, etc.).

David B.
Exceptionally versatile, Great value, great sound.

Got the Slamurai on a whim while trying out an amp, I liked the pedal so much I bought it right there. Really versatile, great in front of an amp or with other pedals. Also, is really good at being a tone shaper with just a hint of overdrive. Plays nice with tube amps and other pedals before or after it. Covers a lot of ground from just a touch of dirt and can get quite dirty if you want it to. Again, tone shaping is excellent.

Crazy good value and excellent sound. I don't normally write reviews, but this pedal is quite worthy.

Eric C.
Straight onto the board!

I really enjoy this pedal, both looks and sounds. The eq controls make it super adaptable to any type of amp voicing, different guitar pickups, and it plays well with stacking gain pedals. I play a relatively clean amp, (slight edge of break up if I dig in) blues, rock, 90s alternative, and I am very happy with the Slamurai.

wayne m.
Slamurai kicks A$$

Great pedal. got mine on sale. way worth it. great balanced tone across the board.
I think this pedal has a tone of headroom, more than any pedal I have at the moment.
last night I used it with my Bogner Pandora and it sounded great. whatever they chose for frequency's on the low, mid and high where good choices. very good on the ears. nice clarity on the notes played. I didn't know what to expect with All Pedal but I plan to buy more of their pedals