Macrodose Envelope Filter with BLEND

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The world’s best envelope filter just got better!

Created in collaboration with Brian Marshall of Subdecay, the Macrodose™ is your consciousness expanded.

It’s an analog filter with digital control, BLEND and VOLUME, and limitless freedom to explore your mind. Includes autowah with selectable waveforms, sample/hold functions, step filter, random sample/hold, and even a pixelated filter function.

With a Macrodose™ you can dial in just the right amount of mind-altering filter fun.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Kennedy

Macrodose Envelope Filter with BLEND

Paul S.
Excellent Filter

This pedal is great - it's got pretty much every option under the hood for controlling a filter: LP/BP/HP, envelope, LFO, triggered LFO, etc, with modifiers for the shape and the sensitivity. The sound is super musical - you can take it from quack, to wows, to sounding like worn out tape or an AM radio, even to getting almost a harmonic tremolo/phaser/vibe sound out of it. It works great on my basses, my single coil guitars, my humbucker guitars.

On top of the good sounds in the box, the construction is solid and the artwork is amazing.

Overall I'm very happy with this filter, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an envelope filter.

E. Shawn Qaissaunee (“Q”)
Macrodose is the envelope filter I’ve been looking for my whole musical life!

I searched for many many years for an envelope filter that was responsive, warm, deeply customizable and made for musicians… Macrodose is hands down the best and most versatile envelope filter I have ever owned. I am planning on having it with me everywhere I go. Thank you AllPedal !!! - “Q” aka E. Shawn Qaissaunee (gigging musician for 35+ years)

joseph stanfa
New favorite

This thing sounds AND feels amazing! So many sounds and experimentations, never ending surprises and creativity.

Easily capture the Jerry Garcia sound and much, much more

I have tried other envelope filters and compared this one head to head. In addition to being much easier to use, and easier to get a good sound out of, everything sounds better overall. It sounds very much like using a real cry-baby wah if you set the special side up to the rhythm of the sound, which you can do by tapping or manually turn the knob. It is also beautiful to look at.

I expected a much steeper learning curve (after wrangling with my Resotron) but I had it working very nicely right out of the box. In just a couple of hours, I experimented with all the available settings, and now I really feel like I know my way around this pedal, and it has some amazing sounds. Phaser-like, flanger-like, tremolo and slicer-like, these sounds just crop up as you go about tweaking the built in wild, crazy wah-effects, and it all sounds sweet to the ear. It "stretches the envelope" of what an envelope filter can do (pun intended), without getting screechy and annoyingly distorted (like some other pedals can). It automates what a good player might do with a wah-wah, but you never have to learn how, it does it for you, over and over.

And, did I mention, it's a blast to play Jerry's solo from "Fire on the Mountain" with it? Just set up normal, without anything fancy, it really sounds great, and has a nicely adjustable sensitivity to how hard/loud you pick so you can "quack" on only the right notes. "B" mixolydian all day! It's nice to move away form minor pentatonic for a while. And when you've had enough of that kind of noodling, it's off into orbit/space with all the modulation effects that seem to just happen, when you start trying the other settings. This is a unique pedal, I don't think there is anything quite like this in terms of ease of use, and variety of sounds, and I really can't seem to get a bad sound out of this pedal. It just keeps getting more far out and psychedelic. For me, that makes the user experience very fun and creative. It seems the engineers wanted to make it hard to sound bad, which I very much appreciate after struggling to get that Resotron to sound half-way decent. It is going to be out with the old (Resotron) and in with the new (Macrodose) on my pedalboard.