Slamurai™ Overdrive

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A New Era of Overdrive

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Eric C.
Straight onto the board!

I really enjoy this pedal, both looks and sounds. The eq controls make it super adaptable to any type of amp voicing, different guitar pickups, and it plays well with stacking gain pedals. I play a relatively clean amp, (slight edge of break up if I dig in) blues, rock, 90s alternative, and I am very happy with the Slamurai.

wayne m.
Slamurai kicks A$$

Great pedal. got mine on sale. way worth it. great balanced tone across the board.
I think this pedal has a tone of headroom, more than any pedal I have at the moment.
last night I used it with my Bogner Pandora and it sounded great. whatever they chose for frequency's on the low, mid and high where good choices. very good on the ears. nice clarity on the notes played. I didn't know what to expect with All Pedal but I plan to buy more of their pedals

Dane N.
Overdrive bliss

I have a lot of overdrive pedals, probably too many. I was skeptical at first because I thought how different can it possibly be. I’ve been looking for an overdrive pedal for my pedal steel guitar for a longtime. It just didn’t have the mojo I was looking for. But when I hooked up the slammurai overdrive to my Pedal Steel It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. The drive knob was only at 8 o’clock. I just took it out of the box and plugged it in without touching anything. It’s my favorite overdrive for pedal steel guitar. It’s a beautiful sound all its own. It definitely has its own harmonic landscape. I’m so glad I got it. Wish I had this sooner.

Vicente T.
Best Overdrive Pedal I’ve Played In A Long Time

I saw a demo of this on YouTube and thought it was interesting. Had to try it out for myself so I bought one.
I loved it so much I ended up selling 3 of what I thought were the best overdrive pedals I owned. That definitely tells you something lol.
So I highly recommend checking it out.

Matt G.
One of the Most Badass Overdrives Ever Made!

An ethereal, mystical sounding overdrive. Need I say more?