Premier Guitar Reviews the All-Pedal Microdose

Premier Guitar Reviews the All-Pedal Microdose

Not long ago, we released one of the most feature-laden envelope filters to ever hit the world of effects pedals, the All-Pedal Macrodose. Developed in collaboration with Subdecay Effects, the Macrodose quickly became a highly sought after filter pedal due to its wide range of sounds. Even more recently we got together with Spaceman Effects to come up with an equally versatile phase shifter, the Microdose.

The Microdose starts with the solid platform of a vintage, optical phase shifter circuit. We didn't want to compromise one ounce of tone in the development of this beast. Starting with a great sounding phaser, we worked to seamlessly integrate a full set of modern features: selectable waveforms, tap tempo, tempo multiplier, etc. What we ended up with was a fantastic sounding. optical phaser that offers players a staggering amount of control and options in an easily accessible format.

Just yesterday the good folks at Premier Guitar (one of our favorite gear publications of all time!) released a great write up of the Microdose. It sounds like they are just as excited about what this phaser does as we are. You can check it out here:

Until next time... keep on searching for new tones, and keep on rockin'!

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