New Patty Parlor Slamurai™ In Root Beer Inspired Collaboration

New Patty Parlor Slamurai™  In Root Beer Inspired Collaboration

After limited edition Parlor launches, the “SLAMURAI™ OVERDRIVE, PARLOR EDITION” has been added to the permanent line of pedals 


An industry leading manufacturer of boutique guitar pedals, All-Pedal announced a collaboration with Parlor Beverages, an edgy, inclusive Root Beer brand with deep roots in the music industry. Parlor is not just a beverage brand, but a lifestyle brand with a message that proves it’s ok to live loud and yell it to the masses. After two successful launches as limited editions, All-Pedal is proud to offer this “SLAMURAI™ OVERDRIVE, PARLOR EDITION“ pedal as a permanent fixture in their pedal line-up.


With the Slamurai™, All-Pedal® set out to make the most amp-like and versatile overdrive available. It has the ability to produce a wide range of tones from clean boost all the way up to more modern drive tones. It also boasts a highly tunable 3-band EQ section, designed specifically for guitar. With rugged construction, unparalleled touch sensitivity, amp-like dynamics, and versatile tone shaping onboard, the Slamurai™ will align your tone with the way of the warrior.


Get your hands on the pedal before it sells out (again!):


“From the moment I saw Parlor Beverages on social media, I knew I wanted to get involved with this company in any capacity.  I think we started by getting them involved in one of our social media giveaways and that led to us sending some of our pedals to the gang at Parlor. Organically, I saw a great opportunity to collaborate with their brand on a limited-edition pedal; I saw what they are doing in the music industry space, and who doesn’t love root beer? Patrick Valiquette, Marketing Director at All-Pedal® shares. He adds “We successfully launched two limited batches of pedals over two years, and the demand remains high for this beautiful pedal that we designed together. I am proud to call the people over at Parlor friends, and I am excited that we are now able to offer the “Patty Parlor” All-Pedal Slamurai as a stand-out product in our line that will remain for years to come.”


On the collaboration with All-Pedal®, Mat Giordano, Co-founder at Parlor Beverages, shares, “Before we had a drop of root beer in a bottle, All-Pedal reached out to us and saw what we were trying to do. Early on, we discussed making a prototype to see how our Parlor colors and style guide vibed with their product, despite the product not fully existing yet, but he was willing to plaster our artwork on their pedal. Beyond the partnership interest, Patrick and his team offered something priceless; believing in us, maybe more than we believed in ourselves at the time. We’re grateful to have such a great memory of our first true partnership, and I hope that people enjoy this beautiful piece of engineering for years to come. Grab one while you can!”


Parlor was founded by John Philips, owner of MCR event company and also the owner of 900 Management, tour manager for Snoop Dogg, Body Count and Public Enemy; Josh Balz, owner of The Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor, Strange Brew, Legacy Recording Studios, and Noir Dark Spirits and former member of national recording artist Motionless in White; Aaron Bruch, bassist and vocalist for the multi-platinum band Breaking Benjamin; Kris Jones, entrepreneur, investor, and owner of SEO Company,; and Mat Giordano, Creative Director and President of Pressure, a full service digital firm. Giordano is also the owner of Horror Hub Marketplace, and former guitar tech for Benjamin Burnley of hard rock juggernauts, Breaking Benjamin. 


All-Pedal® is a boutique guitar pedal brand that prides itself on creating professional-grade pedals that are handmade with care in the USA. Our pedals are designed to help guitar enthusiasts unleash their instrument’s full potential by delivering top-notch tone and versatility. From clean to gritty tones, their industry-leading pedals are built to satisfy the most discerning guitarists. All-Pedal’s commitment to quality ensures that their customers receive the very best in boutique guitar pedals, allowing them to take their playing to the next level.

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